New Zealand Carded Wool Set of 8 Shades (DHG) Maori, 400g

A fabulous set of 8 shades of DHG New Zealand carded Maori wool from the Classics collection.


Approximately 27 microns. This wool has a short staple length making it a great, bulky carded wool well suited to 3D needle felting projects. Equally good for wet felting & spinning.

A beautiful range of colours from non-mulesed sheep. Total weight approximately 400g.


The set includes  each of the following shades:

  • Ash: A lovely natural soft, dusky, mid-brown with warm grey tones. 
  • Earth: A beautiful natural mid-brown with soft, warm overtones. 

  • Beaver: A dusky dark brown with natural tones. 

  • Nut: A warm, rich, natural brown. On the darker side of mid-brown.

  • Acacia: A light, peachy, pastel nude.


    Dune: A warm, peachy, sandy natural colour. Almost a warm nude.

  • Cinnamon: A pale, dusky, foxy orange. Orange and brown tones. 

  • Powder: A light, dusky, pastel pink. 



Although this wool is washed it may still contain some vegetable matter. 


Please note, although we take great care to make sure our photographs illustrate the colour of each wool shade, your screen/monitor settings may affect how it appears to you. 


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