Wet Felting Kit for Beginners - Play Mat
This is the perfect project for the beginners and great introduction to Wet Felting.
You will be able to download the beautifully designed instructions teaching you how to create your own lovely Beach Scene Play Mat. 
This is a magical playscape for small world, Waldorf and Steiner play for all little children with limitless open ended play opportunities to stimulate their imagination. Even better when it's made with love!
You will get:
Wool for the project
Detailed step by step written instructions with clear photographs in an easy to follow format. 
***To complete this project you will also need (NOT PROVIDED) *** 
A small jug
Dish soap (washing up liquid)
700-800ml tap water
Sink or bowl
2 Pieces of Bubble wrap each measuring approximately 65 x 80cm (26 x 32 in)
A smaller bubble wrap circle approximately 20cm (8 in) in diameter. 
Old towels to protect your work area (and/or a waterproof table cloth)
A felting needle and sponge to correct any mistakes or add embellishments