Solid Beeswax Block for Needle Felting Armature and Detail Work

A premium beeswax block made from 100% naturally formed beeswax.

Size:  70/20/15 mm

This pure beeswax is filtered for a smooth finish.


Beeswax is particularly good for armature work and has many uses in your needle felting such as:

Rubbing on armature wire to create a 'sticky' surface so wool adheres more easily. 

Dipping your wool covered armature in to melted wax allowing to cool for a few seconds then twisting between your fingers to create thin items such as fingers or claws.

Painting melted wax onto your work to create a smooth finish on things such as animal noses or ears. 


Caution: Always take care when melting your wax and never leave melting wax unattended!



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